Lifelong learning and non-formal adult education in South East Europe focus of RCC, dvv international conference in Sarajevo

SARAJEVO – The conference Lifelong Learning and Non-formal Adult Education in South East Europe will discuss ways to build knowledge-based society in the region by increasing participation in adult learning, in Sarajevo, tomorrow.

NVSE REPRESENTATIVE PARTICIPATED IN The meeting is being co-organised by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretariat and the Head Office for South East Europe of the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education (dvv international).

The participants will work to strengthen social partnership for further development of adult education sector in South East Europe, address common quality standards and inclusion of marginalized groups. They will support implementation of European and international goals for lifelong learning and adult education through exchange of experience, promotion of good practice and identification of points of intervention for regional cooperation.

Opening addresses will be delivered by Hido Biscevic, RCC Secretary General, and Beate Schmidt-Behlau, Regional Director ofdvv international.

The meeting will gather close to 80 representatives of institutions responsible for adult education in South East Europe, as well as relevant international organisations, civil society networks, independent experts and other stakeholders.

The RCC Strategy and Work Programme 2011-2013 recognizes the need for modernization of education systems in South East Europe, including in the areas of lifelong learning, adult education and evidence-based policy making. dvv international has been promoting development of lifelong learning strategies in the region for 10 years, with support of the German government.